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Media Relations
Print, broadcast, online and social media: we’ve a century of experience in reaching the right media – and their audience – with the right message. We’ll work with you to craft key messages, then pitch the media most suited to reach your target, tailoring our approach with the savvy born of success.

Marketing Strategy
Determining the optimal mix of marketing tactics is essential, if you are to reach your goals. We’ll help you cut through the clutter of competing objectives, and refine your techniques, resulting in a marketing strategy – and action plan – that will allow you and your staff to move forward with confidence.

Social Media Strategy
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TripAdvisor, GoNomad, igugo: and more that are being developed as you read this.Where do you start? Where should you be, when, and how often? We’ll structure a social media strategy - and implement it, too, if you’d like – that will save your sanity.

Media Coaching
Enjoy TV and radio interviews? Dread them? Either way, you’ll be more confident and successful at delivering your message, no matter how long or short the interview, after a one-on-one or small group coaching session, designed to tackle the issues most important to you and your constituents.

Media/Meeting Planner Surveys
Wondering what the media know about your destination, or why meeting planners choose your hotel – or not? Ask them, through this simple, yet effective, technique.

Partnership Marketing
Looking to expand your budget, reach and credibility with an appropriate marketing partner, travel-related or not? We can help you select just the right one, and negotiate a win-win agreement for all partners.

PR 101 Workshops
Particularly useful for regional destinations where all stakeholders may not be experienced in PR/marketing, each workshop is custom-tailored to your needs, while covering the basics – and more.

Destination Branding
Our team’s involvement with such iconic brands as “I Love New York,” “Throw a shrimp on the Barbie” and “The American Paradise” has provided them with unparalleled expertise. Branding team leader Bill Baker literally wrote the book (“Destination Branding for Small Cities”).\, which has become the bible for many communities and university courses.

Crisis Communications
Hong Kong during the SARS crisis. South Africa, pre-Mandela’s election. Hurricane Hugo, devastating the US Virgin Islands. Murder-suicide at a hotel client. We’ve handled them all (and more), and we know: there’s no other time when precisely the right words – and no more – will be as essential to you. If you’re prepared with a simple, yet clear, crisis communications plan, and have rehearsed “what-if’s?” you’ll be ready. We’ll make sure you are.

Visitor Readiness Report
This is a comprehensive, low cost assessment that identifies the critical actions to boost the tourism 
income of small, ambitious cities.

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